5 façons rapide pour améliorer l’adoption des utilisateurs

User adoption is key to making your Salesforce solution successful. While to ensure the highest rates of user adoption you will need a long-term plan, you can also implement a few simple strategies to give adoption an immediate boost.

One of the easiest ways to improve user adoption of Salesforce is to incentivize its use. This can be tied to compensation, but there are also other ways to reward your users. To find out how to make incentives and rewards part of your adoption strategy, go to: Tips for using incentives and rewards to boost adoption

2. Measure Use

To make sure you stay on track with user adoption, you need to be proactive about measuring adoption – and not just login rates. To learn more about three key areas you should be measuring, go to: Beyond login rates: three key areas for measuring adoption


3. Train Users

Having a terrific training plan is a huge step towards getting Salesforce CRM off to a great start. Get an overview of the key ingredients that will make your training plan a success here: 10 tips for a successful training plan


4. Enhance Features

By continually enhancing your application, you’ll broaden usage and improve your users’ overall experience. To make sure you’re making changes that will have the biggest impact on your business, you need a product release strategy that will “bubble up” the enhancements that keep your application—and your users—performing at their peak. Here’s an example: 5 steps to effective lead management


5. Go Mobile

Mobile access to Salesforce is one of easiest ways to get the most from your investment. It’s an approach that’s yielded great results for thousands of customers. To get started correctly, follow the tips in this document: Keys to successful mobile adoption